There’s nothing better than the smell and feel of new carpet in your home. As long time floor suppliers and installers of carpets in Berkhamsted, we share some of the best reasons why you should choose carpet for your home.

They Maintain warmth in your home
Carpets has insulative properties which helps to maintain warmth in your home. If your home is prone to draughts or has wide gaps in the floorboards, carpet is a great solution to help lock in warmth. Using carpets in your Berkhamsted home is also good for the environment and supports local wool industries.

They Reduce noise
There’s nothing worse than the sound of heels on a hardwood floor. Carpets help to muffle loud noises that modern living brings. Carpets can reduce excess noise between floors and so is the ideal medium for reducing noise disturbance in homes, especially flats. If you’re tired of hearing people on the stairs and landing, thick carpet will help reduce excess noise in such a high traffic area. Families with young children can happier knowing there may be less accidents thanks to carpet offering some traction in the home.

New carpet lifts your decor
A newly laid carpet can help to lift a tired looking room. With many colours, textures and designs to choose from, a new carpet can be a subtle addition, or a new focal point for your room. Picking out a new carpet is a fun process where you can really express your personal taste. Neutral carpets can help create a modern feeling throughout your home and allows you to be flexible over your choice of decor.

Carpets have a great range of advantages for your home, so why not choose a new carpet today from an established supplier in Berkhamsted.