Carpet provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere in our living spaces. A new carpet is one of the simplest ways to give any room a total facelift and a consistent use of carpeting can make any small space look much bigger. However, choosing a new carpet can be a bewildering process with many things to take into consideration. These days, there is a huge range of colours and styles available, but before you start thinking about aesthetics, one of the first things to decide is which material is most suitable for the carpets in your Berkhamsted home. This will depend on the usage and style of the room, how much foot traffic it gets and your budget.


Polyester is the least expensive carpet material and the least resilient. Polyester can become matted quite quickly and will not bounce back like nylon, so it’s only really suitable for low-traffic rooms.


Nylon is the most commonly used carpeting material and is available in a wide range of colors and textures. It is much more durable than polyester with good resilience, color retention, and stain and abrasion resistance. It has good elasticity and responds well to most professional cleaning methods and treatments. The downside of nylon is that it can be prone to bleaching and fading.


Wool is the most expensive option, due to its great resilience, elasticity and strength. Wool responds very well to cleaning, is naturally flame retardant and neutralizes indoor air contaminants. It’s also an environmentally friendly choice. Wool is absorbent and stains easily, but can be treated to repel stains. Wool is very sensitive to chlorine bleach, so take care not to spill any when you’re cleaning!

If you have the budget for it, our overall recommendation for the carpets in your Berkhamsted home is wool.