Solid wood makes a beautiful impression and is the most established and traditional option for wood flooring in your Berkhamsted home. However, due to sensitivity to moisture and heat, solid wood isn’t suitable for every floor and it’s important to take into consideration the characteristics and usage of each room when choosing flooring:

Kitchen: The kitchen can be one of the busiest rooms of the home, where the floor not only gets a lot of foot traffic, but also frequent spills and heavy duty cleaning. It is therefore not really recommended to install solid wood flooring in your Berkhamsted kitchen.

Bedroom: Bedrooms are a great option for a solid wood floor, as there is usually much less traffic than in other rooms of the home. This could allow for a softer wood species to be installed if the aesthetics are preferred.

Bathroom:  Solid wood flooring would not be recommended for a bathroom that receives daily use, due to continued moisture exposure. However, a guest bathroom might be suitable. Make sure to use rugs/mats and always wipe up any water immediately.

Living and Dining Rooms: A solid wood floor, especially in a darker colour, can give a traditional, formal look to a living or dining room.

Home office: Another great space for a solid wood floor, although be aware that rolling chairs can damage the finish. Make sure the floor under the chair is protected with a rug or use a chair with non-metal rollers.

Basement: Due to humidity below ground level, solid wood floors are not suitable for basements.

If you love the look of a solid wood floor, but are worried about moisture and/or heat, don’t forget that engineered wood floors look and feel just like solid wood, but can be installed in every room!