Wood flooring is such a thing that gives your floors a stunning look along with the longevity. Not only this, actually there are a whole lot you can enjoy after applying wood flooring. Depending upon your residence, you may use hard wood or engineered wood flooring; but which one would be ideal for you! For this purpose, there are service providers like wood flooring Berkhamsted who are expert in flooring solution. Let’s look into two different types of wood flooring and know how they can give you a lavish look.

Solid wood flooring

A solid wooden floor will last many years, and you can easily replace it when needed, the value of your home also increases if you have wood flooring Berkhamsted.

Previously there was an only single choice available to the user that is the old style solid wood tongue in maple. But today there is a lot of choice to the users like it can be plank from the olden barns or may be the exotic wood type and much more.

Benefits of solid wood flooring

They look one of the beautiful, and they can be used anywhere by nailing it to the sub floor. The only drawback is that they cannot be used directly over the concrete as there must be a subfloor so that wood flooring Berkhamsted can be fixed properly.

You may face problems while adding the subfloor because it will not only increase your investment, but also there will be a height problem. It is advisable not to use this in the basement as the wood will expand due to moisture.

Engineering wood

This one is another form of wood flooring that gives your flooring an extended life time. Here, woods are engineered in such a way that they can mesh with your personal taste and preference correctly.

Advantages of engineering wood flooring

The main benefit of this type of timber over solid wood flooring is that it can be directly used over concrete as you do not need to nail at the time of installing. In engineering wood flooring Berkhamsted moisture doesn’t matter so, it is not necessary of subfloor, and as a result, there will be less investment.

Be it engineered wood flooring or the solid wood flooring; these things are made in such a way that they can last longer and provide a stunning look to your favorite house. Moreover, coupled with wood flooring Berkhamsted your floors are going to let you have outstanding advantages that your neighbours will certainly envy of you.