The phrase Luxury Vinyl Tiles may conjure the image of luxury tiles from the early 1970’s but fashion and flooring technology have moved on. LVT flooring offers you a great range of benefits from designs to ease of installation.

So many designs to choose from

LVT is different to vinyl as it comes in tiles. As the LVT is in tiles you have a greater choice of patterns from unusual textures to block colours. If you’re looking to make a modern statement with your home then LVT flooring let you do just that.

The look of traditional materials

Advances in printing technology means that LVT flooring can look just like traditional and natural materials with all of the benefits of modern vinyl. If you own your own home or live in a rental property, LVT flooring can be the ideal way update your home on a budget.

Long lasting and durable

LVT tiles area cost effective way to put down a stylish, practical flooring in your Berkhamsted home. LVT is durable and long lasting, the tiles absorb sound effectively, so you get the look of real wood without the sound effects. LVT is also warmer to the touch than wood or stone so no more ice cold feet.

Easy to maintain

By choosing LVT flooring supplier in Berkhamsted, you’ll be sure of receiving a product that is easy to take care of. LVT floors don’t need sanding back every few years or need a specialist cleaner, simply sweep, vacuum and mop on a regular basis. Your LVT floor will stay looking as good as new with minimal fuss.

Give your home a new lease of life

LVT floors can be installed quicker compared to installing traditional wood or ceramic floors. If you’re after a practical and stylish solution for your home, LVT flooring is the perfect floor product for you.