If you have been considering new flooring for your Berkhamsted home, why not consider wooden floors?  People are often keen to dismiss wood floors because they assume they will be cold and unforgiving, however wood can be the perfect choice for many reasons.

Wooden Flooring Offers Longevity

Once you have selected wood as the perfect choice of flooring for your Berkhamsted home, you have a floors that can last for many years, even decades.  This means you may never need to replace the flooring again.  Carpet can get stained, ripped or bobbled and it would be normal to have to replace carpets at least every few years, especially in areas of heavy wear like hallways.  Muddy feet take their toll, and children and pets can damage carpets more easily.  Wooden flooring however can actually look better over time with the correct care.

Wooden Flooring is Easy to Clean

Who is going to argue with easy cleaning! If the flooring in your Berkhamsted home is wooden you will find that it is much easier to maintain than carpet.  Simply brush or vacuum away and dust and debris, and clean with a damp mop once a week.  Be sure not to saturate the floor as this can be permeate through the wood and cause warping or cracks.

Wooden Flooring is Hygienic

Carpet enables dirt and other substances to become trapped in the fibres, and although vacuuming can remove much of this, much remains in place.  Carpets are can exacerbate the symptoms of those with allergies and breathing issues, as carpets tend to hold dust.  Wooden flooring on the other hand enables the dust and irritants to be easily swept away. Wooden floors make for a practical and beautiful solution for your flooring needs in your Berkhamsted home.