If you have wood flooring in your Berkhamsted home, maintaining it properly is the best way to ensure it stays looking good for many years to come. Here are 3 great tips for maintaining wood flooring:

Dust every day

You will notice that there is debris on the floor most days, small particles of fibres, dirt, pet hairs, etc will come in on people’s shoes and make a mess of the wood flooring in your Berkhamsted home. This happens to all floorings so don’t be put off having a wood floor for that reason. Simply use a dry mop or cloth to remove dirt. Microfibre products are excellent for this job as they are soft, and trap debris in their own fibres. This means the floor will be left clean and not scratched.

Vacuum weekly

Once a week grab the vacuum and get cleaning. You will want to look in your vacuum cleaners tools for a soft bristle floor brush attachment, or with an upright cleaner set the dial to hard floors. This helps makes sure the vacuum performs at its best and again means that there is nothing to damage or scratch the wood flooring in your Berkhamsted home.

Mop monthly

Once a month it is a good idea to mop the flooring in your Berkhamsted home. Use a damp mop but do not let the pool water over the floor. There are a number of floor cleaning products available designed for wood floors. Avoid but over wetting the surface as this could warp the wood. Once you’ve mopped the floor you can choose to finish by drying by hand with clean, old towels, or letting the floor air dry.

Use felt pads on furniture

Prevention is one of the best ways to take care of a wooden flooring in your Berkhamsted home. Any type of furniture can be easily fitted with small felt pads that will prevent the floor from being scratched.