When considering making home improvements it is often helpful to know the benefits of certain choices. Having wooden flooring in your Berkhamsted home can offer a wide range of benefits, both to you as the occupier, but also for the future owner should you come to sell the property.

Underfloor Heating

You might not have even considered having underfloor heating, however if you are having wooden flooring installed in your Berkhamsted home, it would be the perfect opportunity to do both. Underfloor heating is considered one of the most efficient ways to heat your home, and standing on a warm floor on a cold morning is very welcome to most people! Wooden flooring is the best type of floor to have such a heating system install with.

Resale Potential

It has been noted by estate agents that wooden flooring in your Berkhamsted home can actually double the chance of your home selling quickly. It should also positively impact on the value of your home, so having wooden floors could be the best choice you make.

Best of Hardwood Flooring

Hard flooring mediums are widely lauded as a great choice for those with pets and children that need an easy to keep clean surface that is as hygienic as possible. But did you know that wooden flooring in your Berkhamsted home is actually the best choice. Tiles and stone floors are cold and hard, and very unforgiving to dropped items, whereas wooden floors are warm and nicer to walk on. They also provide a timeless look that does not age or go out of fashion.

What kind of wooden flooring?
There are two main types of wooden floor, solid wood floor or engineered wood floor. Solid wood floors can be sanded back more often whereas engineered wood floor can only be sanded and treated once or twice due to the construction of the pieces.