Choosing carpet for certain areas of your Berkhamsted home makes a lot of sense. Rooms like living rooms and bedrooms can be made warmer and cosier by opting for carpet on the floor, whereas kitchens and other utility spaces are often better with solid floors.

Carpets create warmth

Having carpets is great, but ensuring you maintain them well will give the carpet a much longer life and ensure your home remains healthy and clean. Carpets have fibres which attract dirt ,and other airborne particles, trapping them away from the room, which is great for allergy sufferers, however they need removing regularly.

Make vacuuming routine

Vacuuming the carpets daily will effectively remove the trapped particles and ensure that any smells are not trapped in the carpets of your Berkhamsted home. This is especially important if you have pets at home, as they will shed fur and bring debris in on their paws. There are various carpet freshening products that you can shake or spray into the carpet before you vacuum, but do check that they are not going to irritate or harm your pets.

You can opt to purchase a powerful, but light weight vacuum cleaner that you can run round quickly and easily on a daily basis. For a bigger, deeper clean vacuuming behind furniture and around skirting boards should be done once a month

Wash for a deep clean

Consider a carpet shampoo once or twice a year, there are several companies that can do this for you, or you can hire the specialist carpet cleaner for carpets in Berkhamsted from various DIY type stores and other outlets. Picking a day when you can have all the doors and windows open will allow the carpet to dry quickly. There are various shampoos on the market for a clean fresh finish.